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Are We Certain?. A masterly-constructed concept album about leaving the single life and settling down. Clever, fun songs by Matt Hanley engineered by studio ace Ryan Howe.

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(photos by David Morett)


A Digital Release

Track Listing

1 Why Do We Marry? 2 Half the Night 3 Moot Point 4 Are We Certain? 5 Love Should Be Obvious 6 Change at My Place 7 We've Got Love 8 One Thing We Don't Have to Fix (feat. Leah Tash) 9 The West Side Highway 10 Just Say You Do


Mike Badillo Drums
Matt Hanley Vocals
Ryan Howe Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Percussion
Alex Campagne Fiddle, Vocals
Mike Milazzo Guitar, Slide Guitar
guest appearances
Charles Roth Piano
Michael Serman Keyboards, Guitar


Words and Music Matt Hanley
Recorded at Mozart Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY (some MH vocals, guitar, recorded at Silent E Studio, New York, NY)
Recording and Mixing Engineer Ryan Howe
Mastered at Mozart Street Studio
Produced by Matt Hanley
Dedicated to Kasey & Grover Straiton

Thank Yous

City of New York; Sunny & Annie's; Uber drivers; Brooklyn Roasting Co.; City of Pichilemu, Chile; Rose & Sammy; Kevin; Hanley family; Rosanne & Keith; Jeff/Tim/Jim of Hoboken Guitar Bar; Drew and the ABC Vinyl Night posse; Sam & Harry at Standings; Cetteis; Marie-Helene; Healy family; Michelle A.; Matt B.; Ted M.; Cooper Union Library; City of New Orleans; City of Memphis; The Rolling Stones; Eric Baker; Mikayla; Hartwell; Buddy Holly; Christine Burnitz; DistroKid

Behind the Scenes

Here are some photos and video from the making of the album "Are We Certain?" by Starring MH.


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Matt Hanley with Mike Badillo outside the studio

Matt with Mike B outside the studio.

Ryan adjusts microphone for Aleksi

Ryan adjusts microphone to capture violin of Aleksi.

Leah Tash couch

Leah shares a joke during a break.

Ryan at desk

Ryan at the desk for a Milazzo session.

MH and LT

Matt and Leah duet.

Ryan with Aleksi

All smiles after Aleksi's session.

Matt writing Why do we Marry in Chile

Matt writing session in Pichilemu, Chile, Nov 2018.

Eric B. (and his Bronco) Mikayla, David M. made the album photography.

Eric B (and his Bronco), Mikayla, and David M. photo session for album cover.


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Matt's hat joins Ryan's guitar

Ryan's show pony comes out during mix listens.

Ryan experiments on guitar sounds for Chapel of Love.

360 tour of control room during a Chapel of Love session (unreleased track)


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